Seventeen years in business providing websites, databases, and home/office computer training and support, combined with seventeen years of logistics and supply chain automation/data processing management, give us a wealth of experience to meet your business or home computing needs. Financial cost/benefit analysis and matching your needs to the right industry standard equipment from independent sources will save your business or family money while ensuring the best quality equipment. Whether you need one new computer or have to equip a business, it’s best to discuss your needs in detail so the order can be researched and placed for best price and quality.

It’s important that we be objective in recommending computer solutions. Consequently, we don’t build or sell computers or parts, keeping your options open when recommending what to get. We also don’t take “finders fees” or “referral fees” from third parties to recommend their solutions or services. This is a common practice in the internet and telephone service market and you should make sure your computer consultant is as objective as possible with no conflicts of interest.


While website development drives most of our graphics service requirements, we also create and modify logos and other corporate identity items. We also produce custom slide shows on the Internet or CD. We also developed the interface and navigation system for the Alabama Chamber Automation System (ACAS), which allowed the Alabama State Legislature Senators and Representatives to access real-time information and bill status on their laptops while the Legislature was in session.


Whether you need a stand-alone application or want to put your data on the web, we can provide comprehensive database support at a variety of levels. Some of our databases include:

  • The Alabama State Treasury Online Unclaimed Property Database

    Placing the Alabama State Treasury Unclaimed Property Database online provided the capability to search more than a million records for over $100 million in unclaimed money and property within seconds. Using online documentation and advertising, we have saved the Treasury $120,000 to $200,000 in annual advertising costs. More significantly, it increased the annual return of unclaimed property to Alabama citizens from approximately $2,000,000 to over $30,000.000.

  • Online Membership Databases

    Many of our websites include “members only” sections, and we developed databases to accept and communicate user information to allow web access to members. These databases are customized to provide additional functions to staff and management for each organization.

  • Alabama Department of Youth Services

    We developed and fielded the state’s Client Screening and Placement Database to track youths entered into the statewide Youth Service system.